Rail~Volution 2008: Thursday, October 30

Rail~Volution 2008: Thursday, October 30



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#18 Monterey County Rail Vision: On the Beautiful Central Coast (7:30 am-6:00 pm) CM 8.5
Join us for an all-day adventure to the Central Coast area of Monterey County. Begin the day with a Muni ride to Caltrain to catch the Baby Bullet to San Jose, where a charter bus will take the group to Monterey. Learn about the area’s vision for rail and rapid bus access, plans to convert an historic express rail line into a commuter route, and the growing campus of the California State University Monterey Bay. Enjoy a tour of a new environmentally sustainable shopping area, and end the day with a walk along the famous coastal trail.
#19 Capitol Corridor / Sacramento (8:30 am-6:45 pm) CM 8.25
Capitol Corridor will play host to an excursion in Sacramento (via the Capitol Corridor) with the Railyards Redevelopment as a focal point, along with the Sacramento Rail Museum and Old Sacramento. Join city of Sacramento officials and other partners to learn about this exciting redevelopment project in downtown. The workshop include a range of development types — including commercial, historical, museum/attractions, and residential. This unique project is a must-see for anyone who wants to see one of this area’s most cutting-edge redevelopments.
#20 Downtown San Jose (10:15 am-6:00 pm) CM 6.25
Learn about the dramatic, transit-oriented revitalization of downtown San Jose. The tour begins with a ride on the Caltrain rail line to San Jose, where participants will walk in the downtown area to see new mid-rise residential buildings, entertainment facilities and a river park trail. Learn about the planning process that has guided downtown’s development, including the roles played by the city of San Jose, San Jose Redevelopment Agency and local developers.

9:00 AM-5:00 PM   SEMINAR

The Techniques and Metrics of Sustainable Urbanism CM 8
Sustainable urbanism — with its transit-served urbanism and high performance buildings and infrastructure — is gaining wide international acceptance. It does, however, require a fresh approach to our professional routines and a common shared vision of the future. Leading this all-day seminar is Douglas Farr, founding principal of Farr Associates, an award-winning architecture and planning firm widely regarded as one of the most sustainability-oriented design practices in the country. Participants will be led through the techniques and metrics outlined in Farr’s book and also will participate in a hands-on design workshop to design a sustainable diverse neighborhood and an energy-efficient sustainable corridor. Includes copy of Sustainable Urbanism: Urban Design with Nature.

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